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Tire And Wheel News:

The first Penn. Make-a-Wish convoy, remembered, and: OOIDA highway-bill priorities

In this week’s edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast, we get a clear window onto the first Make-A-Wish convoy to set off from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with former trucker George Ruelens. He was hauling for Ned Bard & Son at the time in this conventional Peterbilt: As he spells out in the podcast, Ruelens and the […]...

Trucking Law: Your rights under leasing regulations

The “truth in leasing” regulations are intended to level the playing field between them, partly by requiring a high level of transparency. Here are common owner-operator questions, answered by attorney Paul O. Taylor. ...

Joe Ness’ 2019 Peterbilt 389 Pride & Class

The rig sports a 565-hp Cummins X15 with an 18-speed. Ness has chromed out the interior of the truck and added underglow lighting to the cab, sleeper and bumper. ...

Texas-based driver recognized after stopping to help motorists after witnessing crash

Michael Morgan was driving about 45 mph in the right lane when a Lexus SUV came around on his left and got just far enough in front of him for him to see the license plate before the driver lost control on the slick road and spun out....

KLLM acquiring Maverick’s reefer division, including equipment and drivers

We worked hard to put together a lucrative package for these drivers, said KLLM CEO Jim Richards. I can assure you everything is being done to make sure theyre taken care of and compensated for all their time and trying to make it a smooth transition....

Volumes are high on the spot market, but rates are unmoved with an abundance of capacity

The weather is warming up and the freight is out there -- in fact, van freight volumes for May are as high as they’ve ever been. But an abundance of capacity continued to keep spot truckload rates at less-than-stellar levels -- and falling for vans compared to the April average -- during the week ending May 19,...

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